Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heavenly Rewards

Rewards in Heaven? Lots of people read about it but do we ever take time to study it. Well I have, and I am going to give you what I think the Scriptures teach about Heavenly Rewards.
Throughout the Bible we see the mention of rewards, Christ talked about them as well as Paul and other Biblical authors. But what do these rewards look like? And how do we get them?

First lets look at how. I think that we are rewarded in heaven by our faithfulness on earth. In Matthew 20:20-28 James and John's mother came and asked Jesus if her sons could sit "one on the right and one on the left" Jesus told her this was not His to give but it was the Father that would decide. To me this clearly states that there will be one on the left and right and in front and all around, but Jesus says the ones that are faithful will be the ones fully rewarded. So we will be rewarded by how faithful we are with what God has given us here. Some men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice, their own life for the sake of the Gospel. Others have became a "living sacrifice" denying self and embracing the cross.

So what are these rewards? Well I think that the reward is simply serving the King. When I was a child I was told that every time you won someone to Christ you received a jewel for your crown, if that is the case I know several godly men that will need several heads to carry all their bling around. It is true that the Bible talks about a "crown" but to me that is figurative language to the reward that is serving. In Revelation John saw the 24 elders cast their crown before the King, I think that we to will cast our reward before the King. That is to say that we worship and serve with what gifts we have received.

To bring all this to a close, I think that the scriptures tell us of a reward in heaven that we will receive based on our faithfulness here on earth. I think the Bible pictures these rewards as gifts of worship and service and we will all be serving King Jesus in many ways, just like the varying levels of angelic hierarchy.